Your business performance depends on information technology more than ever. Availability, security and compliance issues can have a big impact on your ability
to achieve business and operational success. Security issues have significant impact on critical infrastructures as well as disastrous consequences both for organisations and governments. Protecting your organization from any kind of security threats is an insurmountable task and definitely a big challenge.

Therefore, we provide our clients with the best security solutions, whether it’s related to Cyber maritime or offshore security. We offer a complete solution to allow you continue working with efficiency. We have built a strong partnership with two leading companies in the security field. Our choice was not hazardous, it was made after a long search and evaluation process. The outcomes of this partnership are :






We are offering an all in one security solution for every need: cyber security or maritime security, all of that comes with a lot of expertise and a minimal investment to make you ensure your business growth.
We are proposing the Networking Switching PC (NSP) as the hardware solution to any kind of cyber-attacks.
It’s about doing a physical separation between internet and intranet so this will ensure safety to the PC even though the internet area is under cyber-attack.

As for the software solution we are offering a complete security plan starting
from risk assessment to emergency response.

We Offer

Risk Assessment
identification of existing threats and vulnerabilities and suggestion of new cyber security policies.

  • Vulnerability assessment : investigation analysis and report of the risk level of any security vulnerability detected in your network.
  • Penetration testing: identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities in order to prove a real-world attack vectors.


Security Plan
Network Security Plan:

  • Secure server configuration
  • Deploying policies
  • Security plan implementation
    SIEM (Security Information And Event Management)


Emergency Response
Containment: Contain the incident immediately to prevent possible collateral damage

  • Eradication and recovery: get rid of the malicious code of unauthorized account that caused the incident
  • Reputation management: consultancy on how to contain such crisis successfully.